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  • It is dream of every person to get healthy flawless skin and complexion that makes you look good even if you are not wearing any make up or having a photo shoot. Even the need of applying makeup is less in that case and everything looks good on flawless skin. The below tips can work wonders for you not only regarding make up but also making your skin look healthy

  • If your cheeks get on fire or turn red while you exercise or get nervous obviously you will get blushed on your important days and this cannot look good in your pictures. To control the redness of the face one need to stay calm and avoid getting panicked. Once you are feeling relaxed take a half cup of whole milk and add it in bowl. Keep the bowl in the freezer till its chill cold. Dip a cotton cloth in it and keep it on your face for like ten minutes. It will help your color look like neutral

  • If someone is suffering from pimples the quickest way to make your pimple look better is to apply tea tree oil on it with a cotton swab, application of benzyl per oxide or an injection of cortisone can be helpful and it shows results in minutes.

  • The best remedy or tip to take care of de hydrated or flaked skin is to use moisturizers and oil based cleansers. It will keep your skin moist and flake free.

  • Once a week steam your skin and gently scrub it to exfoliate it. The removal of dead cells makes your skin looks new and livelier. After scrubbing don’t forget to apply pre made moisturizing masks. They will leave your skin soft and with natural shine.

  • Always use matt products whether foundations, shades or bronzers because if the shimmers are applied wrongly it can be disaster. Every wrong stroke will be visible. After you have done applying the matt products now use highlighter on the outer corner of cheeks, top of nose usually referred to as Nose Bridge and inner corners of eyes. Make sure that the highlighters are cream or lotion based.

  • If one needs to have tan but not under harmful ultra violet rays. One can take the professional help but the treatment needs to be done two weeks before the event you need to attend. Usually professional help is required in tanning else one can end up having blotchy skin.

  • If one is having dry damaged hairs, people can easily make protein enriched home based conditioners to have healthy shiny hair. The trick is to mix egg yolk with olive oil and add oil essence to it. Massage the mixture into your head and cover it with bath cap. Rinse after wards with lotion of your choice.

  • If someone has visible pores it can make your skin look uneven, in that scenario one has to work hard to keep ones pores de clogged and dirt free and use retinol based creams and kaolin based masks.

  • Always match your foundation color with color of your chest and shoulders otherwise it will appear as if you are wearing a mask. When applying foundation make sure it is evenly applied on neck and shoulder as well.

  • Always use make up setting spray once you are done with every component of makeup. It will make your skin look fresher and set up the make up for longer hours.

These small tips can make you look healthy and glamorous. One can achieve the best outlook by following them.

Most of us want to look good and good looks depend on your personality overall. Along with a good face, you must have a good body structure. If you have good built physic, they are most adored by women and other men. Therefore, there has been a lot of focus on building muscles- that make you look stronger and healthier. If you are one of us who want to build muscles, you can follow a few things mentioned below and achieve your aim.

You should start by fueling up your body with proteins and calories. You should consume more calories in a day than you do in your normal life if you want to build your muscles. Add a few more hundreds to the calories you normally intake and you would be in a position to build a better muscular body. Try to eat more frequently and regularly.

You should have at least 6 meals per day. They do not need to be very huge in quantity. Food provision regularity and frequency to your body is the main issue. Moreover, you must focus on good-quality food coming down to your stomach. This means food containing proteins and carbohydrates- food that is rich in calories and nutrition. Protein is a healthy ingredient that helps you lose fat along with building good muscles due to calorie intake.  Also focus on drinking shakes with technique. Your workout and exercises if get surrounded by nutrition, you would succeed to a lot more degree in your attempt to build muscles. Get a protein shake that contains a ratio of about one gm of protein to 2 grams of carbohydrates.  After that, finish that drink and get a new 1 and gulp that quickly. Whole foods are considered to be the best options after workouts – this may not be correct as they take a lot more time to digest.

Do close to twelve or thirteen sets for each muscle group. They should be near to the mentioned number to attain optimal muscle growth. As far as time is concerned, these workouts should not last for more than forty to forty five minutes. If you want to give more volume to your body, try using heavier weights along with a controlled speed through each rep. be careful that you do not tense or stress your muscles a lot to shock them for growth. You can get better consequences of your workouts by either working out the whole body in a solo workout or by concentrating on the lower body in one and the upper body in another session. Both setups have distinct and varied advantages. You should however, concentrate on those lifts that involve most of your body muscles at a time. They may include pull-ups, presses or rows.

You might need to change most of the things that are part of your life every 4 to 6 weeks. This may include the workouts that you go through, the number of body reps, any other muscle building variable or the amount of time that you take rest. The definitive number of hours a normal body should sleep is sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. You can skip that for 1 or 2 nights a week but you would have to make for that as soon as it would be possible for you.  Avoid stress in any condition, as if it happens, your body can start working to elevate cortisol, which is a known hormone for burning muscles and storing body fat.

It is very important stage of every married woman to conceive and become a mother. Awareness regarding the syndromes of pregnancy is very important and female must have essential knowledge about this extremely important issue as unawareness may lead to some unavoidable complications. It is not necessary that every pregnant woman come across all signs of pregnancy at one time but one or two of signs can be observed and it can be proved after proper medical test reports. There is a specific time for the implantation of eggs in the uterus .It takes almost ten days for produced egg to  be embedded in the womb. Many harmonic changes occur when pregnancy starts and those changes effects the female behavior too. Pregnancy signs may be different in different womens. This is the fact that no woman have same pregnancy or pregnancy signs. Therefore, some of them are being listed here.

Many female realize their pregnancy soon after missing their monthly period which usually stop for the whole period of pregnancy but in many females, after pregnancy monthly periods do not stop and they continue as per their routine .It may be a natural thing or may also be due to some medical disorder(like some changes in the body hormones). This is good thing to go and get yourself medically checked if you have missed your menstrual period for a month. In some situations,repeated urination also stands for the pregnancy due to insemination of an egg.

Spotting is another sign of conceiving because after impregnation of the ovum (organic process) it is considerably possible to see such type of light stains and the color of spotting may be lighter than routine periods. Nevertheless,this is not compulsory to have this sort of marks as you conceive.

If you feel your muscle spasm constantly during any activity while walking,moving or doing any sort of exercise then it also shows that you are pregnant. Although ,in this situation women have to face a very bad pain.

If you feel variations or increase in your body temperature than usual it also refer to some positive pregnancy sign .

In the early pregnancy days,You may feel that you are tired as you have done very hard work. Many women experience that they have become very lazy and can not do any work. They want to sleep more and more.  This sign shows that you have conceived but it also may be due to some exhaustion .Many women suffer from morning sickness as they remain in this condition for almost whole day.

After monitoring such signs of pregnancy it is better to consult some doctors for further forecast or advice. It can be also checked by giving some blood or urine samples to some well established or authentic laboratories for 100 % accurate results..

Back ache,Headache,Vomiting,Constipation ,food craving(eating more and more) ,these signs also point out the pregnancy. During pregnancy it is advised to pregnant women to take a great care of them to have a healthy  child.

Developing the habit of eating healthy is very important to live a healthy and happy life. Healthy diet simply means to eat a great range of foods. It is necessary because various types of food help to make different contribution of nutrition to the body. Foods like vegetables, grains, fruits and legumes- foods containing high amount of fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals can make up huge amount of calories. You need calories to consume everyday. The other calories could come from poultry and meat, diary products and fish. Keep in mind that you also need to keep up balance between calorie expenditure and calorie intake.

So, never try to eat much food that your body could not make use of it. If you are more active, you can enjoy eating more. You just need to keep up the balance. Taking care of your healthy diet does not stand for to quit your favorite foods. You can eat small quantity of your favorite foods as cheeseburger occasionally. Nothing will go wrong if your diet in rich in fiber and nutrients. Do not eat unhealthy foods repeatedly. Eating different types of food will increase your variety of choice. Healthy diet does not mean that you can have just unappealing diet. The following are some of the guidelines to make you understand about the health diet.

You should eat a big amount of food containing high fiber such as vegetables, whole grains and fruit. These are high in nutritious, carbohydrates, filling and comparatively small in calories. These foods are also rich in vitamins phytochemicals and minerals important for health.
Your diet should also contain orange, vegetables, and green and yellow fruit like carrots, broccoli, citrus and cantaloupe fruits. These could help to protect you against many diseases and some sort of cancer.

You need to minimize the intake of refined-grain foodstuffs like salty snake items and white bread. Do not eat sugary foods regularly. They have lot of calories and fats; it may increase your unnecessary weight.

Avoid animal fats because they contain high level of saturated fats. They can increase your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. They also have many unfavorable health effects. Use dairy products low in fats.

Try to stay away from hydrogenated oils of vegetable used in processed foods in markets and fast foods. Use canola or olive oil and margarine instead of butter. You can have more nuts and fish.
Taking below than three-hundred ml of Cholesterol is enough for you per day. Animal meat, eggs and dairy products are rich in cholesterol.

Eat different types of food. Different foods contain different vital nutrients necessary for human body and do not eat same type of food everyday. This routine will keep you away from any toxic substance or pesticides present in any particular food you are using daily.

Your body needs calcium to maintain health. Many low fat sources are there to get calcium as yogurt and skim milk. You can also use supplements for this purpose.

Minimize the intake of alcohol. Two drinks for men and one for women is enough. Avoid smoking and using drugs. It could create many healthy problems.

Above all, regular exercise will help you to maintain a proper weight and you will feel fit and smart.

Heart is considered the main part of our body whose function is to supply the blood to all parts of our body. Blood pressure is actually a sort of disorder ,a close relationship between heart and blood vessels. Normal ratio of heart beat in a single minute is almost sixty to seventy times. Blood pressure are of two types. One is known as Systolic pressure (high blood pressure) and other is called diastolic pressure(low blood pressure). There may be many causes of  blood pressures. Normal value of Blood Pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Every age of people may suffer from blood pressure problem but according to medical research it is commonly found among the people who are aged or middle age above 30 -40 years ,during pregnancy and over weight people. The people who drink and smoke very much they usually come across with this problem more swiftly as comparison to non drinkers. Diabetes and kidney problems may also lead to such problems.

One third people of the world are suffering from this problem and it is also a fact that many of them do not know that they are suffering from BP problem as some times  no symptoms appear which could be felt by the suffering person. This sort of problem may be very harmful or severe because BP destroy the blood canal or ducts and it leads to heart failure,heart attack and kidney failure or lungs failure. High blood pressure is actually a silent killer which attack the person without informing him/her or without showing alarming symptoms. There is only one solution of this disorder and that is the regular and proper check up of BP though apparatus. Symptoms of high blood pressure are normally gentle,evasive and ambiguous .

However, some times it can be observed  that person may feel head ache right after awakening and that ache disappears after a short time of awakening and some of the symptoms are whirling sensation ,giddiness,exhaustion,faintness,uneven breathe etc .Nevertheless, High Blood pressure can be healed to some extent. This problem can be treated by taking medicines regularly according to the advice of your doctor but here is a problem that it can not be removed for good. Hypertension level can be reduced by bringing essential changes in the life of a person who is suffering from this disease. Exercise and healthy diet without containing sodium inside is a helpful practice to reduce it because this thing has been proved clinically that the food which contain the sodium can increase the level of blood pressure. Now a days each and every ready made food contain sodium inside and the meal which is prepared at the home contain the salt.. Therefore,it is better to avoid salt in any shape. If you really want to save you from any big problem then take minimum quantity of Sodium.

If you are willing to control your Blood Pressure then you will have to quit your smoking and drinking habit as they increase the level and destroy the important organs of our body. Another suggestion to reduce its level, is the intake of fruits and vegetables each and every day and that is very useful for maintenance of good health.

Cancer is a very dangerous disease. It causes many deaths every year. Cancer starts when the cells begin to change abnormally. The cells start to grow wildly and uncontrollably and form a mass which is called tumor. A tumor could be malignant which can extend to the other body parts or benign which is noncancerous. There are different types of cancer which affect different organs of human body. Different types of cancers have unique symptoms, ways of treatment and causes. There are some of the most commonly known types of cancer.

Bladder Cancer: Bladder cancer is mostly due to smoking. The lungs absorbed carcinogens and it then go into the bloodstream. The kidneys filter the blood and change the waste in to urine. The urine containing carcinogens enter the bladder. The carcinogens damage the bladder cells and cause bladder cancer.

Lung Cancer: Lung cancer is mostly of two types’ non-small cell and small cell lung cancer. In this condition, the tissues of lungs are destroyed.  The great risk factor involved in smoking is lung cancer. It is treated by radiation therapy, chemotherapy, vaccine therapy and surgery.

Breast Cancer: Breast cancer forms in breast’s tissues. It mostly affects the ducts that take the milk towards the nipple. It also affects the milk making glands called lobules. It could take place in both women and men. Breast cancer in men is very rare.

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is found in men. It affects the tissues of a gland called prostate. Prostate is a part of male’s reproductive function. The gland is found in front part of the rectum and under the bladder. There are many symptoms of prostate cancer like unable to pass urine, fell difficulty to stop and start the flow of urine, difficulty in erection, blood in urine etc.

Pancreatic cancer is also most commonly reported type of cancer. It is also known as exocrine cancer. The malignant cells established in pancreas’s tissues. This disease does not show any symptoms at the early stage. Yellow skin, pale stools, dark urine, vomiting, ache in the higher portion of the belly, weight loss and fall of appetite are the main symptoms of this fatal cancer.

Thyroid Cancer: The thyroid glands present in the throat secret hormones help to control blood pressure, weight, heart rate and body temperature. This cancer is mainly of tour types as follicular, papillary, Ana plastic and medullary thyroid cancer. Pain in throat and neck, lymph nodes in neck and a big swelling in the front part of the neck. The patient feels trouble in breathing and swallowing. It could be due to radiation like x-rays.

Colon Cancer: Colon cancer is another type of cancer. It is also called rectal cancer. It forms in colon’s tissues which is the largest piece of large intestine. Having diarrhea, constipation, blood in stool, finding the stool narrow than before, loosing weight, feeling tired are the main symptoms of colorectal cancer. These symptoms could be due to some other disease but you need to pay attention to this condition. It is not a contagious disease.

There are many other types of cancers like Kidney cancer, Melanoma, Endometrial cancer, Leukemia, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and etc.

The most common type of diabetes is type 2 Diabetes. It is always true that prevention is better than cure. You can get prevented by following some easier steps of changing and improving your lifestyle. It’s never too late to think about preventions of diabetes especially if you are more prone the risks of this disease. This might be due to your family history of the disease or if you are overweight.  Thus, diabetes prevention tips would basically concern your physical activities to reduce those extra pounds you have. These tips can help you prevent from other serious complications of this disease such as kidneys, heart and nerve damage.

  1. You should try to reduce extra weight. The prevention of this disease sometimes solely relies on this tip. Every pound that you lose will help you improve your health and the occurrence of disease. Losing weight might mean you improve your health by a higher percentage of your weight lost. Studies have shown that if you work thoroughly to reduce your extra pounds, you can reduce your diabetes risk by alarming percentage. You should get involved into more physical activity. There are several benefits to physical activities such as exercise. You must exercise daily in the morning. This will help you lower blood sugar, lose weight and this will also help you improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and keep your sugar level within normal reference range. For exercise, you can think of going to aerobics classes or for resistance training. Going for both will provide you greatest benefit in controlling your diabetes.
  2. Try to have a diet full of fiber. This is especially good in lowering your risk of heart attacks and other diseases related to it. It will also improve your control of blood sugar. By having such a diet, you tummy will always feel full which will help you reduce your weight. Thus, add these foods in your diet: beans, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and fruits as they are high in fiber.
  3. Go more for whole grains. This might be disputed by some, but the research mostly agrees to the point. The items that are made from whole grains are available in the market as ready to eat products. They include various pasta products, many types of cereals and various breads. You must confirm that the word ‘whole’ is mentioned in the packaging and also a few content items of the product.
  4. You must make healthier and more nutritional choices for your diet rather fad diets.  Try to be health-oriented rather than trend-oriented. Nutritional and balanced diets build you from inside and make your defense and immune systems stronger. Therefore, think and go about adding more and more items to your diet which can provide you with best nutrition alternatives and help reduce your overall risk to diseases. These fad diets are not known to help you in reducing your risks to diabetes. Thus, try to build an over-all healthy eating plan for yourself.
  5. Go for your routine diabetes tests if you are older than 45 years. Even if you are under 45 years but have a family history of diabetes or if you are overweight, you must consult your doctor and go for tests in time.